Oceanic Battery Kit - VTX/ Transmitter

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Colour: Silver
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Keep your dive computer powered up and ready for action with the Oceanic Battery Kit for VTX/Transmitter. Engineered for reliability and convenience, this battery kit is a must-have accessory for Oceanic VTX and transmitter users.

Designed to provide seamless power replacement, this kit ensures your dive computer remains operational for extended underwater adventures. Featuring high-quality lithium batteries, it delivers long-lasting performance to keep you diving with confidence.

The Oceanic Battery Kit is easy to install, allowing you to quickly swap out old batteries and get back in the water without delay. Whether you're exploring vibrant coral reefs or diving deep into underwater caves, this battery kit provides the peace of mind you need to focus on your dive.

Don't let a drained battery interrupt your underwater exploration. Equip yourself with the Oceanic Battery Kit for VTX/Transmitter and dive deeper into the wonders of the ocean.

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