Ocean Pro Mesh Fin Bag

Size: Large
Colour: Black
Sale price$6.00 AUD


Elevate your diving experience with the Ocean Pro Mesh Fin Bag, a reliable and durable storage solution meticulously crafted for your fins. This high-quality bag is designed to endure the demands of frequent use and transport, ensuring longevity and protection for your essential diving gear. The innovative mesh design of the Ocean Pro Mesh Fin Bag promotes optimal air circulation, keeping your fins dry and odour-free, enhancing their overall lifespan.

The spacious main compartment accommodates a variety of fins, while a smaller zippered pocket offers a secure space for dive gloves or booties. Designed with your convenience in mind, the bag features a sturdy and comfortable shoulder strap, facilitating easy transport to and from your dive site. Dive into your underwater adventures with confidence, knowing your fins are securely stored and easily accessible with the Ocean Pro Mesh Fin Bag.


Length: 73 cm

Width: 36 cm

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