Oceanic Cargo Mesh Duffle Bag

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  •  Reduces odours

  • Large capacity
  • Great storage solution

Oceanic Cargo Mesh Duffle Bag

The Oceanic Cargo Mesh Duffle Bag is a versatile and spacious bag designed for divers who require a durable and breathable storage solution. Constructed from high-quality mesh material, this bag allows for proper ventilation, allowing your wet gear to dry quickly and reducing the buildup of odours.

With its generous capacity, the Oceanic Cargo Mesh Duffle Bag provides ample room to accommodate a wide range of diving equipment. Whether it's your fins, wetsuit, mask, snorkel, or other accessories, this bag can handle it all. The mesh construction offers excellent visibility, allowing you to easily locate and identify your gear without the need to open the bag fully.

Equipped with sturdy and comfortable carry handles, the bag provides convenient transportation options. The handles are designed to withstand the weight of your gear, ensuring ease of use when carrying the bag to and from the dive site or during travel. The Oceanic Cargo Mesh Duffle Bag features a reliable and robust zipper closure, securing your gear inside and preventing any accidental spillage. 


Length: 66 cm

Width: 33 cm

Height: 33 cm

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