Ocean Pro Mesh Bag S

Size: Small
Sale price$5.00 AUD


  • Embark on unforgettable snorkeling adventures with the Ocean Pro Mesh Bag S, your go-to companion for preserving and transporting essential gear. This eco-friendly bag is intelligently designed, generously measuring 48 cm x 20 cm, providing an ideal storage solution for your valuable mask and snorkel. Immerse yourself in the smart features of this bag, crafted from breathable mesh fabric, ensuring excellent airflow and rapid drying to shield your equipment from unwanted moisture.

    The secure drawstring closure adds an extra layer of protection, assuring the safety of your belongings during your aquatic escapades. For convenience on the go, the adjustable shoulder strap guarantees hassle-free and comfortable transport, allowing you to have your snorkeling gear at your side wherever your adventures take you. Elevate your snorkeling experience with the Ocean Pro Mesh Bag S Mask & Snorkel – where thoughtful design meets functionality for the modern underwater explorer.

    Dimensions: Length: 480 mm Width: 200 mm

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