Ocean Hunter Ambush Foot Pocket - Pair

Size: 36/37
Sale price$159.00 AUD


  • TPR Construction
  • Fits most blades
  • Sold as pair

Ocean Hunter Ambush Foot Pocket 

Introducing the highly sought-after Ocean Hunter Ambush Foot Pocket, now available for all diving enthusiasts. Designed with the same ultra-comfortable TPR foot pocket as the renowned Ambush fins, this foot pocket ensures an optimal transfer of power from your leg to the blade, allowing you to move smoothly and effortlessly with each dive.

Crafted to deliver unparalleled comfort and performance, the Ambush Foot Pocket is the ultimate choice for divers seeking a seamless and enjoyable underwater experience. Dive after dive, you can rely on this foot pocket to keep you moving effortlessly and efficiently through the water.

Sold as a pair and accompanied by blade fixing kits and rail retaining clamps, the Ambush Foot Pocket seamlessly integrates with all popular brands of blades in the marketplace. This versatility ensures that divers can customize their gear according to their preferences and requirements, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced divers.

- Durable TPR construction ensures long-lasting performance
- Broad size range caters to a wide variety of foot sizes
- Compatible with most brands of blades for enhanced flexibility
- Easy installation thanks to the ultra-flexible TPR retaining arms

Experience the unbeatable combination of comfort, durability, and versatility with the Ocean Hunter Ambush Foot Pocket. Whether you're a spearfisher, freediver, or recreational diver, this foot pocket is designed to elevate your underwater adventures to new heights. Dive with confidence and ease, knowing that the Ambush Foot Pocket will support you throughout every dive, allowing you to explore the underwater world effortlessly.

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