Ocean Guardian Shark Shield FREEDOM7

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  • Up to 6 hrs protection
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fit

Ocean Guardian Shark Shield FREEDOM7

The Ocean Guardian Shark Shield FREEDOM7 is a purpose-built solution designed for spearfishing and scuba diving enthusiasts, delivering unparalleled peace of mind in the open ocean. Crafted to provide maximum protection, this unique shark deterrent features a 2.2-meter mesh antenna that emits electronic pulses affecting the sensitive electrosensory system of sharks.

Sharks, possessing the Ampullae of Lorenzini in their noses, use this jelly-filled electroreceptor to locate prey. The Shark Shield Freedom 7 disrupts this system by emitting electric magnetic waves, causing discomfort and muscle spasms in the shark. The result is a swift departure of the shark from the vicinity, ensuring enhanced safety for water enthusiasts.

This lightweight and streamlined device, originating from South Africa, was initially designed for spearfishers who often have attractants like dead fish in the water. The Shark Shield, when worn continuously while in the water, provides an effective shield without causing any disruption to the wearer's comfort. It's important to keep the device activated throughout your time in the water for optimal effectiveness.

Contrary to common misconceptions, sharks are not attracted to the Shark Shield; rather, it creates an electrical field that doesn't mimic the signals of typical shark prey. The device is tailored to keep sharks at a safe distance, providing individual protection rather than serving multiple users simultaneously. With the Shark Shield Freedom 7, enjoy your water sports with confidence, knowing you have a reliable and humane deterrent against potential shark encounters.

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