Ocean Guardian Shark Shield eSPEAR

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  • Shark detterent
  • Automatic on
  • Versatile

Ocean Guardian Shark Shield eSPEAR

The Ocean Guardian eSPEAR, powered by Shark Shield Technology, is your ultimate companion for worry-free diving, snorkeling, and spearfishing adventures. Packed with 20 years of research and development, this device is small, lightweight, and easy to carry, offering proven and powerful protection against sharks.

Simply attach the eSPEAR to your dive belt, swimsuit, or trunks using a carabiner (not supplied), and you're ready to explore the underwater world without fear. It's the world's most effective electrical shark deterrent technology and has been tested and proven to deter even the formidable Great White sharks.

The protective electrical field created by the eSPEAR spans approximately 2.5 meters (8'2") in length and 1 meter (3'2") in diameter, providing you with a reliable shark-free zone. For added convenience, an optional holster accessory is available, allowing you to secure the eSPEAR on your thigh, calf, or dive belt.

Operating the eSPEAR is effortless; it automatically activates when deployed in the water. To turn it off, simply hold it out of the water and retract the baton (using a dive glove is recommended for safety). Importantly, Shark Shield Technology exclusively repels sharks and rays, leaving other marine creatures like fish, crocodiles, dolphins, whales, and freshwater animals unaffected.

Rest assured, the eSPEAR does not attract sharks – it's designed solely for your protection. Keeping track of its operational status and battery life is easy with the LED indicator lights. The eSPEAR features a fully encapsulated electronic design, a powerful lithium battery, and a wireless charging dock. Additionally, a 12V DC car/boat charging accessory is available for your convenience.

Your peace of mind is further assured by Ocean Guardian's Standard Warranty, ensuring that you dive with confidence and security alongside the Ocean Guardian Shark Shield eSPEAR.

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