Ocean Pro Deco Buoy With Pouch

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  • 10 m depth – fill 1/2
  • 20 m – fill 1/3
  • 30 m – fill 1/4

Ocean Pro Deco Buoy With Pouch

The Ocean Pro Deco Buoy is an essential tool for divers during decompression or safety stops, ensuring they maintain a set depth underwater. This buoy is designed to be easily inflated by purging your regulator under the opening. The unique one-way duckbill valve efficiently traps the air inside, while an overpressure relief valve takes care of expanding air during ascent. To maintain a vertical position, the buoy is equipped with a small lead weight.

A decompression buoy, also known as a delayed surface marker buoy (DSMB), serves the purpose of marking the diver's position underwater, particularly during the later stages of the dive. It enables the boat's safety cover to locate the diver, even if they have drifted away from the dive site while performing decompression stops.

Connected to the diver below the surface by a reel and line, the decompression buoy helps maintain the diver's position. Other methods such as diving shots or a decompression trapeze can also be used to mark the diver's location during decompression stops.

Please note that the Ocean Pro Deco Buoy is not designed for lifting heavy weights. In situations requiring lifting, divers should use a dedicated lifting bag specifically designed for that purpose.

Dimensions:  180 mm x 1220 mm

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