Ocean Hunter Float Line 10m

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  •  Highly durable
  • PVC coated dyneema

  • 400kg rating

Ocean Hunter Float Line 10m

Discover the ultimate companion for spearfishing adventures with the O'Hunter Float Line. This exceptional line is a testament to strength, durability, and user-friendliness. Engineered with precision, it boasts a full 15m length of robust Dyneema material, enveloped in a resilient 9mm green camo PVC tubing, ensuring both buoyancy and sturdiness. With an impressive weight limit of 400kg, this line guarantees reliability during intense spearfishing sessions.

Embracing convenience, one end of the line features a stainless steel speed needle, while the other end is equipped with a swivel attachment for swift connection to your preferred float. Unlike regular ropes, the buoyant nature of a float line eliminates the risk of entanglement, granting you the freedom to navigate the waters effortlessly. Spearfishing demands precision, and the O'Hunter Float Line ensures you're prepared: it secures your gun post-shot, preventing loss, and keeps your float conveniently nearby.

Upgrade your spearfishing game with the O'Hunter Float Line - your dependable choice for unmatched strength and peace of mind beneath the waves.

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