Mirage Waterproof* Phone Pouch

Colour: Black
Sale price$12.99 AUD


  • Suits phones 5" to 5.8"

  • Up to 10m

  • IPX8 rated

Mirage Waterproof* Phone Pouch

The Mirage Waterproof* Phone Pouch is a reliable and versatile solution for keeping your smartphone safe and dry during aquatic adventures. Designed to provide waterproof protection, this pouch ensures your phone remains fully functional even when submerged, making it perfect for snorkeling, kayaking, or simply enjoying the beach. With its clear window, you can still use your phone's touchscreen, capture photos, or make calls without exposing it to water damage. The Mirage Waterproof* Phone Pouch offers peace of mind, allowing you to stay connected and capture memories without worrying about water damage to your phone.

(*Please note: Follow instructions for proper waterproof sealing.)

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