Gear Aid Sea Drops Anti-Fog

Size: 37ml
Colour: Orange
Sale price$14.99 AUD


  • Rated #1 by Rodale's SCUBA DIVING Magazine

  • Clear liquid formula safe for all types of glass and plastic lenses

  • Tried and trusted by our Staff

Gear Aid Sea Drops

The Gear Aid Sea Gold Anti-fog Drops also known as McNett Sea Drops, is an anti-fog solution designed to keep scuba and snorkel masks from fogging up. The formula is not harmful to the silicone skirting, glass lenses or rubber support frames. The long-lasting liquid formula is non-abrasive and extremely easy to use with the simple application droplet. Two drop in each lens will stop any fogging to give maximum vision when diving or snorkelling.

A non-toxic solution allows for safety around your eyes, however you still do not want to get the formula directly in to your eye so only use the recommended single drop per lens.


  • 37 mL
  • 84 x 42 mm

Care Instructions

  • Do not leave in direct sunlight

  • Replace cap after every use

  • Do not get in eyes

  • Use one drop per lens


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