Mares XR Heavy Duty Complete Set

Colour: Black
Sale price$579.95 AUD



  • 3 mm Stainless Steel Back Plate
  • 1.5 m crotch strap
  • Greatly adjustable

Mares XR Heavy Duty Complete Set

The webbing in the set consists of a 3.5m length with a center hole and grommet, providing versatility and secure attachment options. It also includes three 40mm elastic loop retainers for convenient equipment storage. The set comes with a 1.5m crotch strap for added stability and comfort during dives.

The harness component of the set features two bent D-rings made of 50mm stainless steel, offering reliable attachment points. Additionally, there are two straight D-rings, also made of 50mm stainless steel, providing further versatility for gear placement. The set includes four 3-bar slides made of normal stainless steel, each displaying the Mares logo, allowing for easy adjustment and customisation. Additionally, there are two 3-bar slides with teeth made of stainless steel, featuring the Mares logo, which provide enhanced security and stability. The waist buckle is made of stainless steel and adorned with the Mares logo, ensuring reliable fastening.

The crotch strap included in the set is equipped with two straight D-rings made of 50mm stainless steel, offering additional attachment points. It also features a 3-bar glide made of 50mm stainless steel, displaying the Mares logo, for precise adjustment and positioning. The configuration of the webbing set follows the DIR - Hogarthian configuration, emphasising streamlined and efficient diving practices.

To complete the set, there is a 3mm stainless steel backplate (417507), providing durability and stability for the overall system.

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