Mares Xr Heavy Light Harness

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  • Heavy Duty Webbing Harness

  • Heavy Duty Crotch Strap

  • 3mm Stainless Steel Back Plate

Mares XR Heavy Light Harness

The Mares XR Heavy Duty Complete Mounting System consists of the Heavy Duty Harness and the 3mm Stainless Steel Back Plate.

The Mares XR Heavy Duty Harness consists of 3.5 m of heavy duty webbing, a centre hole and grommet, 3x 40 mm elastic loop retainers and 1.5 m of webbing for the crotch strap. It also has 6x stainless steel D-rings, 7x bar slides and 1x waist buckle. It is completely adjustable so one size fits all.

The Mares XR Stainless Steel 3 mm Back Plate is made from a durable, 316 grade stainless steel. It weighs approximately 2.5 kg. This item is designed for the harness, bladder and padding to attach to. It is slightly contoured and perfectly positions a single, or twin tanks. There are 8 slots specifically designed for you to be able to adjust your harness to the perfect position. The 3 holes on the top of the back plate offer a range of height adjustments for the bladder and cylinders and there are multiple other holes for attachment of accessories.

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