Mares XR Donut Bladder Twin 20KG

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  • 1200D Ballistic Nylon

  • Black Polyurethane Inner Air Cell

  • Twin Tank Bladder

Mares XR Donut Bladder Twin

Mares has developed the Donut Buoyancy Bladder for Double Tanks, specifically designed to enable technical divers to utilise their previously purchased mono SET harness. This bladder offers a convenient solution for divers transitioning into the double tank configuration, as they only need to acquire the bladder itself. The circular shape of the bladder facilitates efficient air circulation, allowing the diver to direct the air towards the valves with ease. As per your teaching guidelines, this bladder provides the flexibility to position the drain valve on either the left or right side.

Highlighted features of the Donut Bladder Twin Tank include:

  • Drains: The bladder is equipped with four eyelets, two located on the top and two on the lower outer part, facilitating efficient water drainage.

  • Construction: The bladder is made from durable 1200D ballistic nylon in polyester, with 600D material used for non-exposed areas, ensuring long-lasting performance.

  • Inner Bag: The inner bag is constructed from black polyurethane, further enhancing the bladder's durability and reliability.

  • Zipper and Slider: The bladder features a high-strength elastic zipper and slider with elongated teeth, allowing for secure closure and easy access.

  • Eyelets: Four high-strength eyelets are strategically positioned to facilitate optimal adjustment and customisation.

  • Control Group: The bladder includes a new control group with two speeds (standard and turbo) and brass buttons, providing versatile inflation options.

  • Oval Corrugated Tube: The bladder incorporates a new oval corrugated tube, which is more elastic and low-profile, ensuring efficient air flow and reduced drag.

  • Center Positioning: The bladder's positioning in the center does not interfere with the first stage, allowing for convenient integration into the diving setup.

  • Drain Valve: The modular low-profile drain valve can be positioned on the left or right side, providing versatility and accommodating diver preferences.

  • Small Drain Knob: The bladder features an extremely compact drain knob, minimising hydrodynamic resistance.

  • Hydrodynamics and Stability: The bladder's excellent hydrodynamics and "constant shape" design contribute to great stability underwater.

The Donut Bladder Twin Tank offers technical divers a reliable and versatile buoyancy solution, combining durability, customisation options, and excellent hydrodynamic performance.

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