Mares Freediving Training Buoy

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  • Storage compartment
  • Alpha Flag
  • Handles

Mares Freediving Training Buoy

Elevate your freediving experience with the Mares Freediving Training Buoy – your ultimate companion for both on-land and boat-based activities. Designed to enhance training and courses, this buoy serves as an invaluable floating support.

Its versatility shines through four side handles, facilitating the simultaneous preparation of multiple freedivers before each dive. Athletes of various disciplines can leverage these handles during training sessions, streamlining their practice routines. Beyond its functional prowess, the buoy offers practicality. External rings provide convenient attachment points for essential gear such as masks, water bottles, and supplements. A dedicated internal compartment accessible via two hinges ensures your equipment stays safe and secure.

Visibility is paramount, and the Mares training buoy excels in this aspect. Its striking red hue is complemented by a white upper band, while an accessory flag adds an extra layer of signaling, guaranteeing clear communication underwater.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the buoy boasts a double chamber structure. Its external layer features durable cordura fabric, while the internal chamber houses an overpressure valve and loading valve for precise control. The bottom section showcases reinforced traction points, including a stainless steel ring, along with strategically placed water drainage areas.

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