Mares SXS 62X Regulator

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Introducing the Mares SXS 62X Regulator, a marvel of compactness and lightness in the diving world. SXS, denoting Second eXtra Small, underscores the extreme lightness and compact design of the second stage, offering unmatched versatility for any side configuration. Effortlessly switch between right or left-sided use with simple operations, providing divers with a personalized and adaptable experience.

The SXS 62X combines the SXS second stage with the robust 62X first stage, creating one of the industry's strongest and lightest regulators. The compact 62X features Mares' innovative technologies, including Auto Sealing Technology (AST) and the Natural DFC System, ensuring high, constant airflow at any depth.

Key features of the 62X first stage include a DFC LP port for optimal air flow, pre-oriented LP and HP ports, AST for a watertight seal, a lighter compact diaphragm, and an elegant pearl chrome finish.

The SXS second stage boasts a curved bypass and larger diameter, providing high airflow with Mares' patented Vortex Assisted Design (VAD). A deflector optimizes the Venturi effect, reducing the risk of free-flow even at depths exceeding 100m.

In addition, an octopus version is available with a slim, compact shape for easy storage in a BCD pocket. Dive into unparalleled performance with the smallest and most compact Mares second stage, crafted from ultra-light technopolymer, featuring a V.A.D system, lateral exhaust tube, soft exhaust button, and a Superflex hose. Experience diving freedom with the SXS 62X Regulator. 

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