Mares Vertical Spiro Reel

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Size: 65cm
Colour: Black
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  • Holds up to 65m of line
  • Durable
  • Does not include line

Mares Vertical Spiro Reel

Introducing the Mares Spiro 65 Reel, the perfect companion for the Mares Phantom Fv Speargun, specifically engineered for tackling larger fish. Equipped with a convenient bracket attachment, this Spiro reel seamlessly integrates with your speargun setup. Linked to the mono that's attached to the spear, this reel system eliminates the need for a float. With its generous 65-meter line, it allows for smooth ascension to the surface, providing ample room to maneuver when your prey takes off.

Effortlessly retrieve your catch by reeling in the line manually, as this reel isn't intended for use as a fishing line reel. Although typically suited for longer guns used for larger fish, it's adaptable to guns of any size, adding versatility to your spearfishing gear. Remember to purchase the Mares Diamond Line separately, as the reel itself doesn't come with the line. Elevate your speargun experience with the dynamic Mares Spiro 65 Reel today!

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