Mares Smart Air Computer

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  • Air integration
  • Compact
  • Trimix compatible 

Mares Smart Air Computer

The Mares Smart Air Computer is an innovative and complete scuba dive computer designed to meet the needs of all types of divers. Whether you're an experienced technical diver, recreational diver, or free diver, this computer has the features you need.

One of the standout features of the Smart Air is its ability to support up to three multi-gas dive transmitters. These transmitters use radio frequency to transmit tank pressure data, allowing you to monitor your air supply with ease. The display of the Smart Air is designed for clarity and readability. It presents data in three separate lines, with large numbers that are easily visible. Important information such as Deco/No Deco, depth, and pressure are displayed using larger digits. Additionally, users can customise the information displayed in the upper and lower areas according to their preferences.

With the Smart Air Logbook, you can store detailed information for up to 95 hours of diving. This data can be downloaded to a PC or Mac, allowing you to review dive profiles at a five-second sampling rate. Alternatively, you can use the Bluelink interface via the MySSI app to download the information to your smart device.

The Smart Air also includes a "Dive-planner" function that enables you to plan your dives, with or without decompression. It offers the flexibility to set a surface interval for repetitive dives. For those who prefer a simplified experience, the "Bottom Time" function provides time and depth information with resettable average depth and stopwatch features.

Free divers will appreciate the dedicated Diving function of the Smart Air. It displays all the necessary information and provides visual and audible alarms specifically designed for free diving activities.

Lastly, the Smart Air utilizes a long-lasting lithium battery, which is easily accessible and affordable to replace.

Care Instructions:

  • Rinse thoroughly in fresh water after every use
  • Ensure no moisture or dirt enters watch when changing battery
  • Do not use chemicals to clean
  • Do not leave in direct sunlight for extended periods of time
  • Store in cool place


 Download and read the Instruction Manual here for the Mares Smart Air Computer

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