Mares Silicone Grease

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Size: 20ml
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  • Silicone Grease 20 mL
  • Great Lubricant
  • Perfect for O-Rings

Mares Silicone Grease

Mares Silicone Grease is a great item to include in a diver's repair kit or spare parts kit. Some items in a diver's kit require o-rings to ensure a water tight seal. O-rings, in time, will inevitably break down through wear and tear. Maintenance by lubricating with silicone grease will reduce their tendency to dry out, reshape and no longer hold their seal. Common items that use o-rings and may require lubrication are underwater camera housings, dive torches and, most importantly, between your air tank and regulator system.

Silicone grease should be used sparingly, as too much grease will attract dust and debris. And of course, after every use, dive items should be rinsed with fresh water to avoid salt and mineral deposits in hard to clean places.

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