Mares Safety Stop Marker Buoy

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Colour: Orange
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  • Decompression buoy suitable for depths from 1 to 3-5 meters
  • Highly visible orange colour for enhanced safety
  • Large internal volume that ensures excellent visibility

Mares Safety Stop Marker Buoy

The Mares Safety Stop Marker Buoy is a crucial tool for divers to signal their presence during the dive. With its large volume and sturdy brass hook, this buoy floats correctly on the surface while the diver completes the decompression stage.

Designed to be compact when folded up, this buoy is suitable for all types of diving and is convenient for travel. The small bag can be easily attached to the buoy or any belt using the built-in ring, ensuring easy storage and transportation. Made of highly resistant PVC material, this buoy features a bright orange colour that provides excellent visibility even from a distance.

The Mares Safety Stop Marker Buoy is an essential tool for divers to maintain safety during decompression stops, ensuring their presence is clearly marked for other divers and boat operators. This is not a lift bag.

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