Mares Phantom 3mm Wetsuit

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Size: Small
Colour: Camo Blue
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  • 3mm closed cell
  • 1 piece
  • Chest pad

Mares Phantom 3mm Wetsuit

Introducing the Mares Phantom 3mm Wetsuit – a spearfisher's essential crafted to elevate your underwater pursuits. Specifically designed for men, this Phantom 3 Steamer BL wetsuit redefines functionality and versatility with its advanced features.

Crafted from durable 3mm neoprene in a captivating camouflage color, the Phantom 3 wetsuit serves as both a shield against UV rays and a protective layer against potential contact injuries. Its multi-faceted design ensures you're prepared for various underwater scenarios.

The true innovation of the Phantom 3 lies in its ability to enhance your fishing experience. The wetsuit's meticulously crafted camouflage effectively "blends" your silhouette with the seabed, significantly improving your chances of getting closer to aquatic life unnoticed. This advanced camo design empowers you to approach fish with unprecedented stealth.

Uncompromising on comfort, the Phantom 3 wetsuit is characterized by its elasticity, ensuring unimpeded movement as you navigate underwater environments. Its compression-resistant nature guarantees a snug fit that endures various conditions. Donning this wetsuit is a breeze, thanks to its thoughtful design that emphasizes ease of wear.

The Phantom 3 wetsuit goes the extra mile with an anti-slip chest area. This addition is strategically placed to prevent slipping and sliding, offering stability during your dives.

Care Instructions:

  • Rinse in fresh water after every use
  • Use wetsuit shampoo to clean
  • Hang to dry in shady area
  • Do not leave in direct sunlight
  • Hang for long term storage

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