Mares Bullet 2 Barb Head

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Colour: Silver
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  • 2-wing bullet harpoon
  • 7mm thread
  • PR80 galvanized steel

Mares Bullet 2 Barb Head

Introducing the Mares Bullet 2 Barb Head – a versatile marvel in the world of underwater hunting. The 2-wing Bullet Harpoon redefines adaptability with its stainless steel finesse, seamlessly mountable on both speargun and air rifle shafts. Impeccably engineered, it features a PR80 galvanized steel tip that ensures unrivaled durability and precision. The robust design guarantees unwavering performance, while the medium-length yet wide flaps provide an exceptional grip, tailor-made for targeting medium-sized prey. Enhanced by an M7 thread, the Mares Bullet 2 Barb Head is a true embodiment of innovation, setting a new standard for aquatic hunting equipment. Elevate your underwater pursuit with this exceptional accessory that fuses reliability and versatility, inviting you to explore the depths with confidence.

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