Mares Interface Bluelink Pro

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  • Wireless Bluetooth
  • Transfers Data
  • Huge compatibility range

Mares Interface Bluelink Pro

Store all the data from your diving trips and track your progress with the Bluelink Pro. This innovative Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) interface revolutionises communication between your dive computer and smart device through a dedicated app.


  1. Quad
  2. Quad Air
  3. Smart
  4. Smart Air
  5. Smart Apnea
  6. Puck Pro +
  7. Puck Pro
The Interface clips onto the watch's docking station, simply inset the USB into your PC or Mac. The appropriate software must be downloaded onto your selected device before use as it will not be able to read the data from the diving watch:

PC: Dive Organizer (PC) WEB INSTALLER RELEASE 2.28

Mac: Tender V1.0.2

Care Instructions:

  • Store in a safe place
  • Keep the docking station clean of dust and dirt
  • Use only on recommended computers

Download and read the Mares Interface Bluelink Pro Instruction Manual here

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