Mares Iago Knife

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  • Micro serration

  • 420A Stainless Steel

  • Shaft freer

Mares Iago Knife

Introducing the Mares Iago Knife – the ultimate companion for spearfishing enthusiasts seeking precision and performance in the deep. Crafted to meet the demands of the most discerning spearfishermen, this compact and powerful tool is your underwater ally.

The Iago spearfishing knife boasts a formidable 4mm 420A stainless steel blade, measuring an impressive 98mm in length. Treated with a PVD system, this blade is designed to withstand the rigors of underwater challenges while maintaining its sharp edge. Its micro serration along the entire blade ensures outstanding cutting power for a wide range of underwater tasks.

What sets the Mares Iago Knife apart is its innovative design, featuring a special hole in the blade to free stuck rods from rocks, making it an indispensable tool for spearfishermen facing unexpected obstacles beneath the waves. For swift and efficient use, the Iago Knife comes equipped with a quick-release system, allowing for rapid deployment when seconds count. Its versatility shines through in its attachment options – you can secure it to your arm, calf, or belt, ensuring easy access at all times.

Adding to the convenience are the two adjustable straps with quick-release buckles, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit no matter the conditions. Whether you're a seasoned spearfisherman or an adventurous beginner, the Mares Iago Knife is your trusted partner for conquering the depths with precision and confidence.


Blade: 95 mm
Handle: 130mm
Total: 225mm





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