Mares Excite Open Heel Fin

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Size: Small
Colour: Blue
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  • Enhanced channel thrust
  • Optimised to reduce fatigue
  • Harmonious thrust

Mares Excite Pro Open Heel Fin

Take your diving to the next level with the Mares Excite Pro Open Heel Fin. These high-performance diving fins are engineered with innovation and quality in mind, ensuring superior thrust, reduced leg fatigue, and unrivaled performance for the most demanding divers.

The Excite Pro fins feature a blade length that ranges from 36 to 40 cm, depending on the size, offering optimal power and efficiency. The open foot pocket design provides a secure and comfortable fit, allowing for easy donning and doffing. Crafted from innovative, high-performance materials, these fins are built to withstand the rigors of underwater exploration. One of the standout features of the Excite Pro fins is the unique distribution of rubber and TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin) on the blade, creating an enhanced channel thrust effect. This specialized channel thrust system maximizes water movement and generates more thrust with minimal effort. The result is an exceptional fin that delivers unmatched performance in the water.

To further enhance user experience, the Excite diving fins are equipped with new, brightly colored elastic straps. These straps not only add a pop of color but also improve ergonomics, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit that minimizes discomfort and maximizes efficiency underwater.

Care Instructions:

  • Rinse in fresh water after every use
  • Do not leave in direct sunlight for extended periods of time
  • Store in cool place
  • Do not use harsh chemicals to clean
  • Do not walk when fins are donned

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