Mares Dual Camo Snorkel

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  • Ergonomic
  • Optimised air flow
  • Universal

Mares Dual Snorkel

Introducing the Dual Freediving Snorkel – a versatile and high-performance snorkel designed to elevate your freediving excursions with its advanced features and exceptional comfort.

The snorkel features a soft PVC tube, providing correct flexibility without interrupting airflow. Its optimized diameter and length ensure easy emptying and effortless natural breathing, enhancing your underwater experience.

Crafted with an ergonomic mouthpiece made of hypoallergenic silicone, the Dual snorkel is ideal for prolonged use during breath-hold diving sessions. The special 'D shape' of the tube eliminates discomfort from contact in the temple area, ensuring maximum comfort throughout your freediving adventures.

Dive confidently into the depths with the Dual Freediving Snorkel, experiencing unmatched ease of breathing and comfort during your freediving excursions. Embrace the excellence of this snorkel, designed to complement your skills and enhance your enjoyment of underwater exploration.

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