Mares Dual 15x Regulator

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  • Dynamic Flow Control
  • VAD System
  • Superflex Hose

Mares Dual 15x Regulator

The Mares Dual 15X Regulator is a highly reliable and efficient diving regulator that offers exceptional performance. It is designed to deliver optimal airflow and functionality for both recreational and technical divers.

The 15X first stage features one DFC (Dynamic Flow Control) port, allowing for improved air delivery and enhanced performance. The pre-oriented ports make it suitable for octopus configuration, providing versatility and adaptability. Despite its powerful capabilities, the first stage maintains a compact size and features a sandblasted finish, adding durability and aesthetic appeal to the regulator.

Weighing only 598g in the DIN300 balanced membrane version and 772g in the INT version, the 15X first stage is lightweight yet robust. This ensures ease of handling and portability without compromising on performance.

The Dual second stage is constructed from ultra-lightweight technopolymer, significantly reducing its weight to a mere 183g. This lightweight design enhances comfort and maneuverability during dives, allowing for greater freedom of movement. The pneumatically assisted (P.A.D.) design ensures high airflow, facilitating effortless and smooth breathing in various diving conditions.

The Mares Dual 15X Regulator comes equipped with a Superflex hose, providing flexibility and support throughout your diving adventures. This hose enhances comfort and ease of use, contributing to an enjoyable diving experience.

Experience the reliability, efficiency, and lightweight design of the Mares Dual 15X Regulator. With its advanced features and superior performance, it is an excellent choice for divers seeking a top-notch diving regulator for their underwater explorations.


 1st Stage: 2nd Stage:
  • Balanced Diaphragm
  • DFC System
  • Sandblasted Finish Chromed Marine Grade Brass
  • Inherently Environmentally Sealed Design
  • Design Provides Protection from Sand, Salt, Chlorine, Pool Acid and Contaminants
  • Pre-Oriented Pressure Ports
  • A.C.T. Advanced Coating Tri-Material Valve Technology
  • Four 3/8-inch Threaded LP Port
  • Two 7/16-inch Threaded HP Ports
  • Compact-Size Octopus with Stylish Design
  • Strengthened by Technology to Give Steady, Natural and Effortless Breathing
  • Lightweight Techno Polymer Housing
  • Compact Exhaust Tee: Superior Hydrodynamic Performance & Reduced Exhalation Resistance
  • Vortex Assist Design (V.A.D.) System
  • Air Bypass Tube Conveys Air to Mouthpiece Creating Swirling Vortex
  • Low-Pressure Area Center Keeps Diaphragm Down During Inhalation
  • Very Sensitive and Easy Breathing At-All-Depths
  • Soft Hypoallergenic Silicone Mouthpiece
  • Dependable Downstream Valve Design

Care Instructions:

  • Rinse in freshwater after every use to remove silt and sand
  • Keep stored away in a safe place
  • Keep in a regulator bag
  • Have serviced each year
  • Keep dust cap on first stage when not on a tank
  • Do not pick up by first stage when connected to the tank

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