Mares Diamond Line 1.5mm- 100m

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Colour: Orange
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  • Suitable For Belt/Gun Reel

  • 100m in Length

  • 1.5mm Diameter

Mares Diamond Line 100m

The Mares Diamond Line is sold as a 100m length line that is designed to put on a belt reel or gun reel. A reel is used on a speargun for the purpose of not fighting the fish caught underwater but allow the fish to swim off, connected to the line of 100m until you get to the surface and can then hand pull it in and then reel it up. When shooting larger pelagic fish, this is a good idea for safety as you will be able to go to the surface and catch your breath before pulling it in. The Mares Diamond line is 1.5m in diameter and is made of a strong dyneema.

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