Mares Compact Marker Buoy

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Colour: Orange
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  • 10 m line
  • 300 g shaped lead weight
  • Nylon bag with carabiner 

Mares Compact Marker Buoy

The Mares Compact Buoy is a reliable and compact surface marker buoy that ensures your presence is effectively communicated to others during dives. With its bright orange colour, it provides excellent visibility, allowing it to be easily spotted even from a distance.

Featuring a shaped lead, the buoy is designed for convenient winding of the line, allowing you to keep it compact and tangle-free. The 10-meter (33 feet) line provides ample length for deploying the buoy and ensures that it can be easily seen on the surface. Constructed from highly resistant PVC material, the Compact Buoy is built to withstand the demanding conditions of diving. Its durability ensures long-lasting performance, making it a dependable companion for your underwater adventures.

For easy storage and transportation, the buoy comes with a nylon bag equipped with a carabiner. This allows you to securely attach the buoy to your gear or carry it with ease, ensuring that it is readily accessible when needed.

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