Mares Classic 5 mm Dive Boot

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  • Classic dive boot with zipper

  • Wide toe cap protection

  • 5 mm thickness

Mares Classic 5 mm Dive Boot

Constructed from 5mm neoprene, these boots offer excellent thermal insulation, ensuring your feet stay warm in various water temperatures. The neoprene material also provides flexibility and freedom of movement, allowing for a comfortable diving experience.

The Classic Dive Boot features a hardwearing rubber sole that offers maximum protection for your feet. This durable sole ensures enhanced grip and prevents slipping, whether you're walking on wet surfaces or rocky terrains. Equipped with a convenient side zip, these socks are easy to put on and take off. The side zip not only facilitates quick donning but also allows for easy rinsing and drying of the socks after diving, promoting hygiene and convenience.

The contoured heel of the Classic Dive Boot improves the fit of fin straps with open foot pockets, ensuring a secure and comfortable connection between your feet and fins. This feature is particularly beneficial during long-distance diving sessions. With its combination of thermal protection, maximum comfort, and durable construction, the Mares Classic Dive Boot is suitable for a range of diving activities. Whether you're exploring shallow reefs or embarking on extended dives, these socks provide the necessary insulation and flexibility for an enjoyable underwater experience.

Sizing: The general size of this boot is in mens sizing, so female need to take roughly 2 sizes smaller.

Care Instructions:

  • Rinse in freshwater after every use
  • Clean in cold water and wetsuit shampoo every so often
  • Dry in shady area, not in direct sunlight
  • Clear all sand from zip after use

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