Lead Weight

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Size: 2LB
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  • Universal
  • Master your buoyancy
  • Suitable for belts

Lead Belt Weight

The Lead Weight is an indispensable accessory for divers and water enthusiasts looking to maintain proper buoyancy and control while exploring underwater. These dense and compact lead weights provide the necessary counterbalance to offset buoyant forces, helping you achieve a comfortable and stable dive. With their durability and versatility, lead weights can be easily integrated into your diving gear or weight belt, ensuring that you can fine-tune your buoyancy for a safe and enjoyable underwater experience. Whether you're a scuba diver, snorkeler, or spearfisher, trust in the reliability of lead weights to keep you grounded and in control beneath the waves.

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2LB $14.99
3LB $19.99
6LB $35.99


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