Land & Sea Anodised Aluminium Handspear

Size: 2m
Colour: Blue
Sale price$59.95 AUD
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  • Marine Grade Aluminium 
  • Corrosion resistant 
  • Anodised alloy construction

Land & Sea Anodised Aluminium Handspear

Designed with a two-piece construction, you can dismantle the spear for travelling and storage. For a design that incorporates saltwater corrosion resistance, Land & Sea has ensured this handspears marine-grade aluminium has undergone an anodisig process both inside and out. This handspear possesses a retaining system to hold on to barbs, with a ground notch located by 360 degree roudnd swagging. The Land & Sea Handspear comes equipped with a five barb cluster head that is both durable and strong, and have been embedded with solder and epoxy resin. 

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