Land & Sea Alloy 5 Barb Cluster Head - Female Thread

Colour: Silver
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Experience superior spearfishing performance with the Land and Sea Alloy 5 Barb Cluster Head - Female. Designed for precision and power, this cluster head is a game-changer for underwater hunters. Crafted from high-quality alloy, it boasts exceptional strength and durability, ensuring reliable performance dive after dive.

Featuring five sharp barbs, this cluster head maximizes your chances of securing your catch with each shot. The female attachment design allows for easy installation onto your speargun, providing a secure connection for seamless underwater use.

Whether you're targeting small reef fish or larger game, the Land and Sea Alloy 5 Barb Cluster Head - Female delivers the cutting-edge performance you need to succeed. Equip yourself with this essential spearfishing accessory and elevate your hunting game to new heights. Dive in with confidence and reel in your next trophy fish with ease.

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