Land and Sea Sun and Wind Tent

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  • UV protection
  • Wind shield
  • Family friendly

Land and Sea Sun and Wind Tent

Escape the elements and bask in beachfront bliss with the Land and Sea Sun and Wind Tent. Designed for sun-soaked adventures, this shelter provides the perfect oasis for your outdoor escapades.

With three generously-sized windows, you can immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery while staying sheltered from the elements. Whether you're enjoying the view, keeping an eye on the kids, or simply soaking up the sun, these windows offer a panoramic beach experience like no other.

Built for beachgoers, the tent features sand pockets that anchor it securely to the shore, ensuring it stays firmly in place even on windy days. The silver lining offers complete UV protection, shielding you from the harsh sun, while the spacious interior lets you relax in comfort.

Setting up and taking down the Land and Sea Sun and Wind Tent is a breeze, making it perfect for spontaneous beach trips. When standing, it measures approximately 213cm in length, 133cm in width, and 120cm in height, offering ample room for you and your loved ones to enjoy the beach in style and comfort. Elevate your beach days with the ultimate in sun protection and relaxation—the Land and Sea Sun and Wind Tent.

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