Cressi Gorilla Pro Bag

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  • 135 L capacity
  • Long enough to fit freediving fins
  • Waterproof

Cressi Gorilla Pro Bag 

Discover the Cressi Gorilla Pro Bag, a spacious and versatile solution designed to effortlessly accommodate all your diving gear and more. With an impressive internal capacity of 135 liters (4.75 cu ft), this bag provides ample room, ensuring you can pack everything you need for your diving escapades.

A standout feature of the Gorilla Pro Bag is its ability to comfortably house even the longest freediving fins. Crafted from robust and durable radio frequency (RF) welded seam PVC, this bag not only stands up to the elements but is also waterproof. Wash your gear inside the bag without worry – no water leakage during transportation.

Convenience is paramount with the Gorilla Pro Bag. A special draining cap at one end allows easy removal of excess water after washing, maintaining the cleanliness and dryness of your equipment during storage and transport. The bag is equipped with top grab carry handles for convenient off-shoulder carrying and two straps that double as shoulder straps, providing versatile options for comfort during transport.

Upgrade your diving experience with the Cressi Gorilla Pro Bag, where spacious design, durability, and convenience converge for an unparalleled journey into the underwater world.


Capacity: 135 L

Weight: 1.72 kg

Length: 95 cm

Width: 34 cm

Height: 42 cm

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