Freedivers Float

Colour: Orange
Sale price$149.00 AUD


  • 5.5L pressurised float
  • Multiple attachment points
  • Durable

Freedivers Float

Introducing the Freedivers Float: a 5.5L pressurized marvel expertly designed to enhance your spearfishing endeavors. Crafted from low-density polyethylene, this float is a lightweight companion that effortlessly navigates through surf zones. With a mere weight of 565 grams, it's a dynamic addition to your aquatic toolkit.

Selecting the ideal float for spearfishing is pivotal for safety and convenience. Beyond being a surface marker, a float signifies your presence to boats and fellow divers while offering a platform to secure your catch, gear, or accessories. Here's what to prioritize when choosing a float for spearfishing:

1. Visibility: Opt for bright, easily discernible colors like orange, yellow, or red. These neon hues enhance visibility across various water conditions, ensuring you're seen from a distance.

2. Buoyancy: Your chosen float should possess ample buoyancy to accommodate gear and catch. Look for an option that remains afloat even with added weight. Some floats even feature adjustable buoyancy for versatility.

3. Attachment Points: Seek out a float equipped with multiple attachment points or D-rings. These anchor your speargun, stringer, and accessories securely, facilitating efficient organization.

4. Size: Strike a balance between buoyancy and manageability by opting for a float of suitable size. It should comfortably hold your gear and catch without becoming cumbersome.

5. Durability: The Freedivers Float excels in durability, constructed from robust materials designed to withstand the sun's rays, saltwater exposure, and rugged handling. Heavy-duty PVC materials ensure its resilience in demanding aquatic environments.

Elevate your spearfishing experience with the Freedivers Float—a culmination of thoughtful design and practical features tailored to your underwater pursuits. Dive with confidence, knowing that every element of this float enhances your safety, convenience, and success beneath the waves.

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