Freedivers Carbon Pro Blue Water Elite Speargun

Size: 120cm
Sale price$649.00 AUD


  • Carbon construction
  • Twin rubber
  • Gun bungee

Freedivers Carbon Pro Blue Water Elite Speargun

Introducing the Freedivers Carbon Pro Blue Water Elite Speargun, a pinnacle of engineering and performance, designed for elite spearfishers who dare to venture into the depths of bluewater hunting. Crafted with precision and innovation by Freedivers, a leading name in the diving industry, this speargun is the ultimate weapon for tackling large pelagic species and challenging underwater environments.

The Carbon Pro Blue Water Elite boasts a lightweight and ultra-durable carbon construction, ensuring optimal buoyancy and strength, while reducing fatigue during extended dives. Its carbon frame offers superior rigidity and stability, allowing for precise shots even in turbulent waters.

Designed to excel in bluewater hunting, the speargun features a powerful twin rubber band setup, providing immense propulsive force for exceptional speed and accuracy. This twin band system is tailored to tackle the formidable challenges of larger and more elusive game, offering the advantage needed to conquer bluewater environments.

The Carbon Pro Blue Water Elite comes equipped with a roller muzzle, optimizing power transfer from the rubber bands to the shaft, resulting in reduced recoil and enhanced precision. The roller system ensures smooth shots with minimal friction, making it the ultimate choice for demanding spearfishers.

With its ergonomic handle, the speargun offers a comfortable and secure grip, allowing for steady control and improved accuracy during intense hunting sessions. The trigger mechanism is engineered for seamless and responsive firing, enabling quick reactions to seize fleeting opportunities with ease.

Step into the realm of elite spearfishing with the Freedivers Carbon Pro Blue Water Elite Speargun. Unleash its power, precision, and cutting-edge technology, and take on the challenges of bluewater hunting with confidence. Trust in Freedivers' legacy of excellence and dive confidently with the Carbon Pro Blue Water Elite by your side, ready to create unforgettable moments beneath the waves.

Care Instructions:

  • Rinse with fresh water after every use to remove all sand and sea water
  • Keep rubbers in the freezer if not being used for long periods of time - this slows down the perishing process
  • Remove spear when cleaning and dry throughly before storing
  • Keep in a dry and safe place
  • Store in a speargun bag if possible
  • Do not load out of water
  • Do not rely on the safety catch

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