Freedivers Carbon Pro Blades

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  • Epoxy resin
  • Carbon fiber
  • Low power:effort

Freedivers Carbon Pro Blades

Introducing Freedivers Carbon Pro Blades – the pinnacle of spearfishing and freediving technology, representing cutting-edge design for underwater enthusiasts. Meticulously crafted from imported carbon fiber and epoxy resin, these blades redefine strength and efficiency, making them the ultimate choice for deep-sea expeditions.

Designed with precision, the Carbon Pro Blades feature a slightly shorter and narrower design compared to standard blades, catering specifically to seasoned freedivers seeking peak performance in the depths. Leveraging the power of carbon fiber, these blades provide unparalleled propulsion, allowing you to effortlessly cover more distance with minimal effort.

Step into a new realm of underwater exploration – the carbon fiber construction of these blades enhances the power-to-effort ratio, surpassing traditional plastic blades. Immerse yourself in the water with increased speed and efficiency, experiencing a remarkable difference in your underwater journeys.

While the Carbon Pro Blades offer unrivaled performance, their increased fragility compared to fiberglass or plastic blades necessitates careful handling. Exercise caution during entry and exit from the water and when storing them in your car's boot to ensure their longevity. Elevate your freediving and spearfishing adventures with Freedivers Carbon Pro Blades – where technology meets the demands of the deep.

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