Eyeline Wrist Cuffs

Colour: Black
Sale price$29.99 AUD


Eyeline Wrist Cuffs are a sleek and effective aquatic accessory designed to add resistance to your water workouts. These cuffs, typically made from durable materials, securely strap around the wrists, providing resistance in the water for enhanced strength training and toning. The adjustable design ensures a comfortable fit, making them suitable for users of various fitness levels.

Ideal for water aerobics, swimming, or aquatic fitness routines, Eyeline Wrist Cuffs contribute to a more challenging and effective workout. They're perfect for individuals looking to enhance their upper body strength and endurance in the water. Compact and easy to use, Eyeline Wrist Cuffs are a valuable addition to your aquatic fitness gear, helping you achieve better results in your water-based exercises.

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