DiveR Turtle Composite Soft

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  • Composite Fibre
  • Australian Made
  • Perfected craftsmanship

DiveR Turtle Composite Soft

Discover the DiveR Turtle Composite Soft – the ultimate fin choice for divers in pursuit of the perfect blend of power and energy efficiency in propulsion. Dive fins are indispensable for underwater explorers, and the material used in their construction significantly influences their performance.

Recognizing the crucial role of kinetic energy transfer in underwater kicking, DiveR has meticulously curated a selection of the most potent fin fabrics, categorized from 1 to 4, to meet the specific needs of divers.

Ranked third is the timeless Carbon Fiber – a proven and trusted material that has stood the test of time in the diving community. These fins feature a sturdy construction, ensuring a dependable transfer of kinetic energy for powerful kicks. Though slightly less rigid than Innegra and HypeTex Carbon, Carbon Fiber fins still deliver a robust and efficient kick, making them a reliable choice for divers valuing consistency and performance.

In summary, the DiveR Turtle Composite Soft series presents an array of fin fabrics, each precisely engineered to cater to divers' unique preferences and diving styles. Whether you prioritize raw power and speed or prefer an energy-efficient kick for extended dives, DiveR offers the ideal fin material to complement your underwater adventures. Elevate your diving experience with DiveR's premium fins, designed to maximize your performance and enjoyment beneath the waves.


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