Cressi Watch Style Computer Battery Kits- CR2450

Colour: Silver
Sale price$23.95 AUD


  • Suitable for Cressi Watches
  • O-Ring and Screws included
  • Reliable

Cressi Watch Style Computer Battery Kit

Keep your Cressi Watch Style Dive Computer running smoothly with the Cressi Watch Style Computer Battery Kit. This essential kit (battery, o-ring and screws) provides you with the power you need to ensure your dive computer remains reliable and ready for your underwater adventures.

Compatible with the Cressi Neon and Cressi King Watches in our range, the CR2450 battery included in the kit is a high-quality, long-lasting power source that will keep your dive computer ticking accurately. Don't let a low battery disrupt your dive plans—this kit ensures you're always prepared for your next underwater exploration.

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