Cressi Tokugawa Skin 2mm Wetsuit

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Size: 1 - X-Small
Colour: Camo Blue
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  • 2mm closed cell
  • 2 piece suit
  • Chest pad

Cressi Tokugawa Skin 2mm Wetsuit

Introducing the Cressi Tokugawa Skin 2mm Wetsuit – the ultimate choice for spearfishing and freediving in blue waters. Tailored to excel in challenging environments, this two-piece 2mm wetsuit stands as an exceptional companion for both seasoned divers and training enthusiasts.

Designed with precision, the Tokugawa wetsuit boasts an unparalleled pattern that grants exceptional camouflage in any underwater setting. Crafted for the rigors of spearfishing and pool training, this suit is a testament to both durability and performance.

The Tokugawa Skin embraces a 2-piece closed-cell design, featuring high-top pants and a jacket with a seamlessly integrated hood. The use of flexible, comfortable, and soft neoprene guarantees a snug fit that doesn't compromise on freedom of movement.

Anatomical precision defines the Tokugawa's design, offering a form-fitted feel that ensures comfort during extended dives. The pre-shaped arms and legs are a testament to the focus on flexibility and effortless swimming. Further enhancing durability, the suit incorporates an extended knee pad that safeguards both you and the suit, reinforced with shin protection for added resilience.

The Tokugawa Skin wetsuit features a high-density loading chest pad, catering to the specific demands of spearfishing. This ensures optimal ease while navigating underwater environments, allowing you to focus on your objectives.

The innovative Dura Stretch Nylon Lining is the heart of the Tokugawa's construction, striking a perfect balance between stretch, comfort, and durability. This lining ensures that the wetsuit is ready to withstand the challenges of underwater exploration without compromising on your comfort.

Elevate your underwater experiences with the Cressi Tokugawa Skin 2mm Wetsuit – a reliable companion that embodies Cressi's commitment to crafting high-performance gear that meets the unique demands of spearfishing and freediving.

Care Instructions:

  • Rinse in fresh water after every use
  • Use wetsuit shampoo to clean
  • Hang to dry in shady area
  • Do not leave in direct sunlight
  • Hang for long term storage

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