Cressi Spider Pro 2 mm Gloves

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  •  PowerTex material
  • 2 mm thick
  • Liquid seam

Cressi Spider Pro 2 mm Gloves

The Cressi Spider Pro 2 mm Gloves are a highly durable and versatile option, built to withstand the demands of various water activities.

These gloves are lined with Cressi's proprietary PowerTex material, which provides exceptional protection akin to Kevlar while maintaining flexibility. The use of PowerTex ensures that your hands are shielded from potential abrasions and cuts, even in challenging environments.

To further enhance the gloves' durability and water resistance, they are sealed with a liquid seam. This seam sealing process ensures that the gloves remain watertight, reducing the ingress of water and maintaining comfort during extended use.

The Spider Pro Gloves are designed to handle anything you can encounter during your water adventures, making them suitable for activities like diving, snorkeling, or spearfishing. Whether you're navigating rocky underwater terrain, handling equipment, or exploring marine environments, these gloves provide reliable protection and flexibility.

With their combination of PowerTex lining and liquid-sealed seams, the Cressi Spider Pro 2 mm Gloves are a dependable choice for those seeking durable hand protection without compromising on comfort or dexterity. These gloves enable you to tackle challenging conditions with confidence, allowing you to fully enjoy your water-based pursuits.

Care Instructions:

  • Rinse in freshwater after every use
  • Clean in cold water and wetsuit shampoo every so often
  • Dry in shady area, not in direct sunlight

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