Cressi Rigged Floatline

Size: 10m
Colour: Green
Sale price$84.95 AUD


Maximize your spearfishing success with the Cressi Rigged Floatline. Crafted by Cressi, a trusted name in diving equipment, this floatline is a must-have accessory for any serious spearfisher. Designed for durability and performance, it ensures you stay connected to your catch while navigating underwater environments.

Constructed from high-quality materials, the Cressi Rigged Floatline offers superior strength and reliability, resisting tangles and abrasions even in rough conditions. Its buoyant design provides added stability, keeping your catch secure and visible throughout your dive.

Equipped with durable clips and rigging, this floatline is easy to attach to your speargun and buoy, allowing for hassle-free setup and use. Whether you're exploring reefs or hunting in open waters, the Cressi Rigged Floatline enhances your spearfishing experience, giving you the confidence to pursue your targets with precision and efficiency.

Don't let your catch slip away – invest in the Cressi Rigged Floatline and take your spearfishing adventures to new depths. Dive in and reel in your next trophy fish!

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