Cressi Pro Star Set

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Size: 37/38
Colour: Black
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  • Extra Long Snorkelling Fins
  • Comfortable Foot Pockets
  • SCUBA diving Mask


Cressi Pro Star Set 

Aptly named, this set is designed for the pro snorkeller who is ready to take their water experiences to the next level. 

The Cressi Matrix mask is pressure rated for depth, allowing the wearer to also use it for scuba diving as well as snorkelling.

The Pro Star Fin boasts blades longer than that of standard snorkelling fins, making them a popular choice for snorkellers transitioning into spearfishing and freediving- the extra length aiding them in diving down deeper with minimal effort.

Lastly the Gamma snorkel, with it's lower purge valve and splash guard top rounds out this exceptional pack.

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