Cressi Pro Light Open Heel Fin

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Size: Medium/Large
Colour: Black
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  • Adjustable heel straps
  • 20% more surface area
  • Durable

 Cressi Pro Light Open Heel Fin

Presenting the Cressi Pro Light Open Heel Fin – Your Gateway to Dive with Power and Precision!

Unleash the power of the ocean with the Cressi Pro Light Open Heel Fins, a cutting-edge and versatile choice for both novice divers and seasoned professionals. Embraced by instructors and technical divers alike, these fins stand out for their exceptional performance and advanced design.

Crafted from two meticulously chosen materials, the Pro Light Fins achieve the perfect balance of weight and strength. Their feather-light construction ensures effortless underwater maneuverability, making them an ideal choice for divers at all skill levels. Despite their lightweight nature, these fins boast impressive reaction times and deliver powerful thrusts, effortlessly propelling divers through the water.

The blade of the Pro Light Fins originates from the upper part of the specially computer-designed foot pocket, resulting in a revolutionary 20% increase in useful surface area compared to traditional fins of the same length. This extended blade enhances power transfer and kick efficiency, offering improved propulsion and control for divers exploring anything from basic techniques to complex underwater activities.

Whether you're a beginner navigating the underwater world or a professional seeking top-tier performance, the Pro Light Fins are tailored to meet your needs. Their advanced construction ensures reliability and efficiency for divers of every expertise level.

Maintain the peak performance of your Pro Light Fins with these care instructions:

  1. Rinse thoroughly in freshwater after each use.
  2. Clean with cold water and wetsuit shampoo periodically.
  3. Dry in a shaded area, avoiding direct sunlight.

Dive confidently and elevate your underwater experience with the unmatched power and precision of the Cressi Pro Light Open Heel Fin!

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