Cressi Compact Pro MC9 - SC Regulator

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  • Venturi system
  • Thermoconductive Thermoplastic Neopolymer
  • Lightweight

Cressi Compact Pro MC9 - SC Regulator

The Cressi Compact Pro MC9-SC Regulator is a highly versatile diving regulator that excels in cold water environments, making it a reliable choice for divers on any trip. Specifically designed to perform exceptionally well in low temperature conditions, this regulator is built to withstand the challenges of cold-water diving while maintaining its outstanding performance.

The second stage of the MC9-SC/Compact Pro is engineered with a unique Thermoconductive Thermoplastic Neopolymer, specially formulated to transfer heat like a metal. This innovative material possesses remarkable heat conductivity properties while retaining the advantages of a conventional thermoplastic, such as design flexibility, chemical resistance, and physical and mechanical durability.

Additionally, a meticulously crafted purge valve complements the material's thermal properties, enabling the regulator to excel in cold-water tests with flying colours. The MC9-SC/Compact Pro's ability to thrive in cold water conditions ensures that divers can enjoy exceptional performance and comfort regardless of the diving environment. Whether exploring icy wrecks or diving in chilly seas, this regulator delivers consistent and reliable airflow, allowing divers to breathe effortlessly in challenging temperature conditions.

With the Cressi Compact Pro MC9-SC Regulator, divers can confidently explore the depths, knowing they have a regulator that combines the advantages of a lightweight design, exceptional heat conductivity, and outstanding performance in cold-water environments. This regulator exemplifies Cressi's dedication to innovation, ensuring divers can experience the thrill of diving in any location, regardless of water temperature.


 1st Stage: 2nd Stage:
  • Balanced diagphragm
  • Environmentally sealed
  • Nitrox compatible
  • Hyper-balancing system
  • 4 x LP ports
  • 2 x HP ports
  • Brass body electroless nickel plated
  • Downstream system
  • Adjustable inhalation adjustment
  • Dive/Pre-Dive Venturi switch
  • Technopolymer body
  • Anti- scratch surface
  • Large purge button
  • Orthodontic mouth piece
  • Nitrox compatible

Care Instructions:

  • Rinse in freshwater after every use to remove silt and sand
  • Keep stored away in a safe place
  • Keep in a regulator bag
  • Have serviced each year
  • Keep dust cap on first stage when not on a tank
  • Do not pick up by first stage when connected to the tank

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