Cressi Leonardo 2 Computer

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  • SPG with fluorescent dial
  • Desmopan housing
  • Auto on and off

Cressi Leonardo 2 Computer

The Cressi Leonardo 2 Computer is a reliable and user-friendly dive computer that offers essential features for recreational divers. With its single-button control, it provides easy navigation and access to all the necessary information during your dives. The large display with easy-to-read digits ensures clear visibility, making it perfect for divers who may need assistance with their vision.

This dive computer is nitrox compatible, supporting gas mixtures from 21% to 50%, allowing you to dive within the appropriate limits. It logs up to 60 dives, providing a comprehensive record of your underwater adventures. The Cressi Leonardo 2 Console includes two parts: the Leonardo dive computer and an SPG air gauge. The computer sits on top, while the SPG is positioned below, showing air pressure in BAR. This convenient console design combines both essential instruments into one compact unit.

The Leonardo dive computer comes with a range of features, including a deep stop function that allows you to set a depth limit and receive notifications when reaching that threshold. It also includes a built-in calendar, RGBM algorithm, clock, and gauge mode. The user-replaceable battery can be changed without tools, although it is recommended to have it done by a service technician who can perform a pressure test during the battery replacement.

The SPG air gauge is an essential tool that indicates the remaining air pressure in your tank. It features colour-coded zones for easy monitoring of air consumption. The blue zone represents a high air level (350 bar to 200 bar), green indicates a medium level (200 bar to 100 bar), and red signifies a low level (100 bar to 50 bar). The luminescent orange zone warns when the air is nearly depleted (below 50 bar). The console also includes a rubber high-pressure hose measuring 75cm with a 7/16" threaded attachment.

Additional features of the Cressi Leonardo 2 Computer include shock resistance, a user-friendly display, a backlight for low-light conditions or night diving, a 75-hour logbook, ascent rate alarm, no-decompression dive times, temperature measurement, depth information, safety stop prompts, upgradeable firmware, and the ability to switch between fresh and saltwater measurements.

The Cressi Leonardo 2 Computer operates on a CR2430 battery, which provides approximately two years of battery life based on an average of 50 dives per year. This durable dive computer is proudly made in Italy and is a reliable companion for recreational divers seeking a straightforward and functional device.

Care Instructions:

  • Rinse thoroughly in fresh water after every use

  • Ensure no moisture or dirt enters watch when changing battery

  • Do not use chemicals to clean

  • Do not leave in direct sunlight for extended periods of time

  • Store in cool place

  Download and read the Instruction Manual here for the Cressi Leonardo 2 Computer

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