Cressi Kiowa Rapid Twin 14mm Speargun

Size: 110cm
Colour: Black/Silver
Sale price$389.99 AUD


  • Twin 14 mm rubbers
  • 7 mm double notch shaft
  • Open muzzle

Cressi Kiowa Rapid Twin 14mm Speargun

Introducing the Cressi Kiowa Rapid Twin 14mm Speargun, a high-performance spearfishing tool designed to elevate your underwater hunting experience. Meticulously crafted by Cressi, a renowned name in the diving industry, this speargun is engineered to deliver precision, power, and efficiency in every shot.

The Cressi Kiowa Rapid features a robust and durable 28mm anticorodal aluminium barrel, ensuring it can withstand the demands of various spearfishing environments. Whether you're exploring reefs, hunting inshore species, or challenging bluewater territories, this speargun is equipped to handle it all.

With twin 14mm rubber bands, the Kiowa Rapid packs an impressive propulsive force, delivering superior power and speed to ensure accurate and swift shots. The twin band setup within the open muzzle makes it an ideal choice for targeting larger and more elusive fish, providing the advantage you need to take on challenging underwater targets with confidence.

Designed with balance and streamlined contours, the Kiowa Rapid offers exceptional maneuverability, allowing you to navigate through the water with ease and precision. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip, ensuring optimal control and reduced fatigue during extended hunting sessions.

The trigger mechanism is crafted for smooth and responsive firing, allowing you to react quickly to opportunities as they arise while maintaining minimal disturbances in the underwater environment. The spear itself is a 7mm double notch shaft with tri-cut and a heavy duty flopper for catching and keeping larger fish. 

Whether you're an experienced spearfisher or just starting your underwater hunting journey, the Cressi Kiowa Rapid Twin 14mm Speargun is a reliable and versatile companion. With its precision engineering and superior performance, this speargun will enhance your spearfishing adventures and help you create unforgettable moments beneath the waves.

Trust in Cressi's legacy of excellence and dive confidently into the world of spearfishing with the Kiowa Rapid Twin 14mm Speargun by your side. Unleash the power and precision of this exceptional speargun, and let your underwater hunting skills reach new heights.

Care Instructions:

  • Rinse with fresh water after every use to remove all sand and sea water
  • Keep rubbers in the freezer if not being used for long periods of time - this slows down the perishing process
  • Remove spear when cleaning and dry throughly before storing
  • Keep in a dry and safe place
  • Store in a speargun bag if possible
  • Do not load out of water
  • Do not rely on the safety catch

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