Cressi Gara Modular Impulse Fin

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Size: 36/37
Colour: White
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  • Self adjusting foot pocket
  • 29º blade angle
  • Interchangeable

Cressi Gara Modular Impulse Fin

Discover the ultimate companion for freediving and spearfishing enthusiasts – the Cressi Gara Modular Impulse Fin. Tailored for divers of all skill levels, its innovative modular design allows for swift replacement or interchangeability of blades, adapting effortlessly to specific diving needs. This unique versatility positions it as the fin to evolve with, enabling divers to upgrade blades as their skills progress.

With a 29-degree blade angle, the Gara Modular Fin achieves unmatched efficiency during the kick cycle, demanding minimal energy for optimal blade loading. The blade itself showcases exceptional resilience, enduring shocks, impacts, and stress, ensuring it remains virtually indestructible even in challenging conditions.

The self-adjusting foot pocket employs a cutting-edge multi-compound joining process, providing comfort and suppleness around the foot while incorporating stiffer compounds under the foot pocket and heel for efficient power transfer. This guarantees a comfortable fit, whether worn with or without neoprene socks, enhancing the overall diving experience. Elevate your underwater escapades with the Cressi Gara Modular Impulse Fin – a pinnacle of performance and adaptability.

Care for your Gara Modular with these essential instructions:

  1. Wash in fresh water after every use.
  2. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
  3. Store in a cool place.
  4. Refrain from using harsh chemicals for cleaning.
  5. Do not walk on surfaces when fins are donned.

Immerse yourself in the epitome of performance and adaptability with the Cressi Gara Modular Impulse Fin – where innovation meets the evolving needs of the underwater explorer!

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